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Estheticians from Miss Paris Group won a prize at the 4th Esthetic Competition

On May 19th 2014, the 4th Esthetic Competition was held by SOIN Esthetic Association (NPO). This competition is held annually, where students and professionals compete for their skills and technique. Moreover, their appearance as professional, counselling skills and hospitality level are added to the evaluation.

9 well performed estheticians are awarded and estheticians from Miss Paris and Dandy House ranked in 1st, 2nd and esthetician from ESTIO raked in 3rd.

NPO SOIN Esthetic Association
SOIN was established to enhance the credibility of beauticians and to raise the status of beautician’s social role. SOIN implement wide range of examination that includes Diet Professional, Beauty Therapist, Esthetic and Health Care Specialist, Professional Service Management, Epilation Technician, and more. Every year, SOIN holds annual Science Council where they invite many beauty professionals as a guest speaker to share the core vale “What is Beauty” from many different viewpoints.

2014 Esthetic Competition

Date:2014 May 19th
Place: Miss Paris Beauty Academy

Awarded: Professionals Body and Facial Section

1st Mizuki Sougawa from Miss Paris Diet Center/Dandy House, ION Mall Itami Koya Osaka.
2nd Aya Matsuda from Miss Paris/Dandy House, Hankyu Nishimomiya Gardens, Hyogo
3rd Minako Kawasaki from ESTIO, Akabane, Tokyo

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