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Winners of the Miss International 2014 as Miss Paris’ newly Icon.

On January 5, Miss Paris Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Akemi Shimomura) appointed the five winners of the Miss International 2014 beauty pageant as Esthetic Miss Paris’s brand characters and now start our advertising campaign.

The branding concept will be the same as last year: "International High Quality - Miss Paris.”
We will continue to further enhance our recognition as a brand that supports beautiful, positive women with esthetics of international, high quality. Our slogan, "To fulfill your wish of being beautiful forever,” tells you that we possess the power of esthetics, turning ideals into reality.

For a stylish and gorgeous visual finish, we appointed the five winners of the Miss International 2014 beauty pageant, who embody the perfect beauty Miss Paris aims for. By showing their beauty outdoors, they become even more beautiful and represent the image of active women.

In 2007, our slogan was "Making Japan a beauty superpower.” In 2011, we faced each customer with our concept of “Esthetic Quality” as a Five Star Salon that has supreme quality in everything from techniques, theories, equipment, and the cosmetics it uses for its comfortable and sophisticated atmosphere. Apart from our 52 nationwide stores, we now have five Esthetic Miss Paris salons in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore. With our delicate techniques and solid theories that have been pursued for the purposes of creating beauty, as well as our hospitality, Miss Paris’s esthetics are not only needed in Asia, but all over the world.
As a company that fulfills the wish to "be beautiful" of not only of Japanese women, but of women all around the world, we will continue to ensure the branding vision of Miss Paris.

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