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Top-Rated! Triple Burn Slimming Method

This is an original technology which is aimed at building the kind of fit body that does not easily gain weight by efficiently burning off the subcutaneous fat, cellulite, and visceral fat at the same time. It is the slimming method of the 21st century whose use of exclusive devices has proven to be effective. By working out the muscles while losing weight, we aim for a beautiful and firm body line.

3 fats that cause the break of your proportion

  • Cellulite
  • Subcutaneous Fat
  • Visceral Fat
  • Burning off three kinds of fat effectively
STEP1.Cellulite Burn
Cellulite Burn
The uneven cellulite turns to be beautiful and smooth!
By massaging while suctioning the stubborn cellulite, we will deliver a beautiful and smooth body line. Intensive Care on the concerned parts is also possible!
STEP2.Million Wave
Million WaveMillion Wave
Shaping your problem areas!
One million microwaves per second will soften up the hard lump of fat in the deep part of the body by warming it up, making it easier for you to lose weight.
STEP3.Far-infrared Sauna
Far-infrared Sauna
Get sweat excessively by the original sauna
By improving your metabolism, the harmful toxins accumulated in your body will be discharged with your sweat. The body is warmed to the core, causing increased activation of lipase, which is an enzyme that breaks-down fats. Thus, a state is induced in which it is easy to loose weight.

STEP4.Fat Burn
Fat Burn
Get tight by working out the muscles!
Use the equipment acquired a patent (Patent No. 4463506), with a pat on 20 locations of acupuncture point and muscle of the whole body, to consume energy while stimulate acupuncture points, with the aim of tightening of the part to be worried about.
Full Body Mask Far-infrared Bath
Full Body Mask Far-infrared Bath
Body exercises while warming the body
While packing all over the body, we will warm the body firmly through far-infrared. Because of this your blood circulation improves, you sweat where before you could sweat only with difficulty, and you acquire the habit of "sweating".

Sign up for Diet Trial!Experience our dieting techniques! First time treatment: Full course for S$88  Sign up here

Slimming down specific parts|Other popular courses! Miss Paris offers effective courses targeting any trouble you might have! We thoroughly treat every body part that bothers you!

  • Leg Slimming Intensive Treatment|Get the perfect legs you have always dreamed of with the special massage!
  • Upper Arm/Under Arm Intensive Treatment|We actively approach and treat stubborn areas of your body!
  • Face Slim|Look refreshed! For a refined impression!

Welcome, everyone, to our Five Star quality certified by the Soin Esthetic Association.

In order to bring out 'beauty' we have been pursuing techniques, theory, equipment, cosmetics, a comfortable and sophisticated salon, and hospitality. By polishing one thing at a time, accumulating, providing everything for the customer, we've come to earn a high reputation and trust. This quality is our special service “Five Star Quality.”

  • 1.Estheticians providing the highest level of service
  • 2.A sound theory and verified effect
  • 3.High performance equipment and high quality cosmetics
  • 4.High quality salons recognized around the world
  • 5.Safe Contract System
A relaxed store atmosphere and qualified diet professionals are awaiting you.
Sign Sign up for Diet Trial!rience our dieting techniques! First time treatment: Full course for S$88 Sign up here

Monitor requirements

  • You have to really want to lose weight
  • You have to be strong and healthy
  • You have to be older than 20 years and younger than 60 years of age at the time of the application
  • You have to be a first time visitor of  Miss Paris
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