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Trial Appointment

Please select a treatment Triple Burn Z Trial price S$88
Facial Fitness Trial price S$100
Legs Slimming Treatment (thigh slimming) Trial price S$88
Upper arms, Underarms Slimming Treatment (upper arms slimming. back slimming) Trial price S$88
Face Slimming Treatment (flabby face. double chin) Trial price S$88
Anti-Aging Care (stains, wrinkles) Trial price S$88
Hair Removal (arms, legs, underarms Epilation) Trial price S$88
Miss Paris Special Treatment Set (beauty and body) First price S$360
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1) The appointment is only accepted for reservations within the next 2 weeks.
2) In order to confirm your booking, please provide your phone number and e-mail address.
3) If you cannot send an e-mail, please call (+65 6235 1159) to make an appointment.

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