New techniques! Whitening Revolution by Miss Paris
 For people who are bothered by dullness, wrinkles and marks  New technology that can make you experience the whitening effect by one-time treatment!Miss Paris Premium Whitening

50%OFF! Miss Paris Premium Whitening

A supple, smooth and clear skin with less unevenness... We aim for your skin to want to be more sleeker after five years. Miss Paris whitening and peeling treatment proactively integrates stimulative care into skin renewal.

  • It is recommended to those who are worried about Age spots, Wrinkles, and Dullness
  • Cause 1. Age spots: Decline of regenerative capacity of skin Cause 2.  Wrinkles: Reduction of collagen and moisture retention power of skin. 
The firmness and elasticity of your skin lose.  Cause 3. Dullness: Thickening Corneum,Poor blood circulation
  • Aiming for your skin hardly to become age spots, wrinkles and dullness by the inner and outer beautification that focuses on the cause of your skin problems.

Miss Paris premium whitening gives intensive care for the damage to your skin in the summer. Miss Paris gives you bright white skin!


A rich, fascinating, and clear skin without any age spots or dullness. A bright and smooth skin supported by all kinds of light. An elegant skin with softness and youthful resilience. ~Experience the bare skin that you cannot help touching.

In Miss Paris premium whitening, we peel the old, hard skin surface with glycolic acid. After preparing your skin with the C Pack, containing cooling natural bamboo, we'll now use a technique that is currently a hot topic in the beauty world, called "super-poration". It porates your skin, allowing our newly released whitening essence, SC White Essence, and our most powerful boosting serum, the recently redeveloped SC Lotion L, to penetrate every inch of your skin.

Melanin care and keratin care along with moisturisation for a supple, smooth and beautiful clear skin without any marks or dullness. These cosmetic products use the best ingredients in the world and apply leading techniques and theories, which is what makes all of them part of our new recommended course.

Special Whitening  Miss Paris premium whitening

  • 1 Hand Cleansing

    Have the dirt of your skin removed and cleaned, while being wrapped in the fragrance of the aroma of essential oils in the cleanser.

  • 2 White peeling → Neutralizing

    From the 3 types of whitening peeling agent, one that suits the skin type is selected, and exfoliation is done. We can perform the peeling more effectively.

  • 3 Whitening Pack

    We control the sebum secretion while sedating the original pack agent brittly using natural bamboo. We improve your skin condition.

  • 4 Super-poration

    With our special absorption serum and new equipment, we use "super-poration" to double the absorption of White Essence, a compound filled with essential whitening and moisturizing agents, allowing it to penetrate every inch of your skin.

Features of Miss Paris Premium Whitening

The best feature is You can continue experiencing whitening and the change of skin for 1-2 weeks after you have a treatment.

※ Because it takes places once every 1-2 weeks, it is a course were you can go slowly over three to six months. With the Miss Paris Premium Whitening Course, you can easily feel the sensation of the whitening effect as you go through the process and experience the treatment.

Use three types of original whitening peeling agent which suits your skin type

Use three types of original whitening peeling agent which suits your skin type

There are individual different skin conditions and skin thickness. Commonly just one type of peeling agent is used for all skin types, but at Miss Paris the professional beauty therapists select the peeling agent that best suits the client's skin type, thus creating reliable and effective peeling results.

New Product White Essence

New Product White Essence

"SC White Essence" is a special essence put together with ingredients for aging care, such as pore care dullness.
We'll start with α arbutin, familiar in the beauty industry, and niacinamide, for bright and youthful skin.

Penetrate through your skin Remain the moist and white of your skin by super-poration

Penetrate through your skin Remain the moist and white of your skin by super-poration

And we finish with only applying general cosmetics to the skin surface. For Miss Paris Premium Whitening, we've improved upon our original formula with boosters such as collagen and the cosmetic serum "Lotion L", which together have the double effect of "super-poration", which ensures that the essential ingredients properly penetrate every inch of your skin, supplying it with moisture and nutrients, resulting in skin that is white, firm, and moist.

50%OFF! Miss Paris premium whitening

※ Individual results may vary.

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